B Corp Month - #WeGoBeyond Business as Usual

B Corp Month - #WeGoBeyond Business as Usual

We Go Beyond - B Corp Month Banner

March means B Corp Month – and this year (our first!) we’ll be showing you what it means to go beyond business as usual. As a Certified B Corp, we use our business as a force for good, putting people 🫂 and the planet 🌍 first.

So get ready to find out why – and how – We Go Beyond🚀💜

Every day, we go beyond business as we know it to make sure that making a profit doesn't come at a cost to our workers, our community or the environment. ⁠

We believe in empowering everyone who works for us to do the best they can - incidentally our team is currently made up of 60% women; playing an active part in our local community and striving to leave the world 🌍 a better place than we found it, not only by giving pleasure to people with our great drinks(!)🍸, but by lessening our impact on the environment with our pioneering production methods.⁠ ⚗️⁠

-  As the pioneers of vacuum distillation in the drinks business, Sacred Spirits uses 90% less energy than that of a traditional distillery
-  Once we've peeled our lovely organic citrus fruit ready for maceration, the juicy flesh is collected and given to local ice cream bars and restaurants. Not only do we avoid any organic waste, but we support local businesses whilst we're at it
-  Our waste botanicals are broken down using anaerobic digestion, a source of renewable energy
-  We are well on the way to eradicating single-use plastic from our supply chain
-  We offset every gram of CO₂ emission produced by deliveries to online customers
-  When you purchase from our online store all of the packaging used to wrap your purchase or gift is protective, plastic free, fully recyclable - and still very beautiful. We use Flexi-Hex to make sure our customers receive their bottles in one piece. Flexi-Hex adopts a honeycomb design to protect our bottles - it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable
-  Our Sacred branded tissue paper is from NoIssue, a sustainable brand that produces recyclable and compostable packaging
-  Finished your lovely bottle of Sacred gin and want some more? Bring your empty bottle to be refilled in our shop
-  When we were designing the Sacred Distillery on Highgate High Street, we were careful to use materials with our footprint in mind. Our beautiful bespoke shelving unit was made by a carpenter who uses reclaimed materials - our timber shelves and table had a previous life in a coach house
-  We use plant-based, allergy free, cruelty free, fragrance free refillable cleaning products which are both effective and kind to septic tanks to keep our distillery and shops squeaky clean
- Last year, our distillery and shops sent zero to landfill

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