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"The Tasting Sessions" - Woodford Reserve at the Sacred Distillery

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"The Tasting Sessions" - Woodford Reserve at the Sacred Distillery - 24th September 2021, 6:30pm

Join us at the Sacred Distillery for "The Tasting Sessions", where we host some of our favourite brands to take us through their star products and tell us about their history and production methods. We think they're really special, but don't just take our word for it, let them tell you!

For our second session, we'd like to introduce you to Joseph Hall, who has been UK Woodford Reserve Ambassador for the last 18 months, during which he has explored the world of whiskey tasting, using this experience to make the category more accessible by making it less intimidating to newbies, sharing his love for American Whiskey and all the delicious cocktails you can make with them, drawing from his extensive experience in some of the country's top cocktail bars.

During the session, Joseph will talk about their obsession with flavour - and how the company packs so much of it into each expression of Woodford Reserve. This will involve a section on spirits tasting technique, breaking down the concepts of flavour and balance, then the appreciation of complex spirits. Then we'll apply those tasting skills to 5x Woodford Reserve expressions, discussing production steps and the methods employed to create each one. We'll start and finish the session with 2x delicious twists on the classic Old Fashioned, Woodford Reserve's favourite cocktail.

The ticket entitles you to:

2 x cocktails
5 x Woodford Reserve samples to taste
10% off on the day on all Sacred products and guest products for sale at the Sacred Distillery Shop

The session starts at 18:30 and will last around 90 minutes.  Please arrive promptly to ensure the session can start on time, and bring your order confirmation email with you.